Simonas Miknius

Simonas Miknius (2003)

| Lithuania

Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Conservatory

| docentas Daumantas Kirilauskas

Simonas Miknius was born in 2003. His music way started in 2010 at Kaunas “Vyturys” Gymnasium music department. Currently he is a student of Kaunas J.Gruodis Conservatory. Teacher Motiejus Bazaras. Simonas is the winner of numerous competitions. Last and most important achievements: in 2015 he won Grand Prix at international competitions in Lithuania “Music without Borders” in Druskininkai and “Musicapianoforte” in Prienai, the second prize and prize for the best performance of F. Chopin Mazurka at XXIII International F.Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia, Poland. In 2016 Cesar Franck International Piano Competition in Brussels, Belgium and in 2017 in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic he took the third place. In 2018 at competition “Палескi агеньчык” in Drahichyn, Belarus he won the Grand Prix and the 1 st place in 5th International Competition-Festival of Young Pianists dedicated to Aldona Dvarionaitė in Piano Concertos with Symphony Orchestra category, Zarasai, Lithuania. In 2019 Richard Vines Piano Competition in Lleida, Spain and Bechstein Competition in Lvov, Ukraina he took the third place. In 2020 North Music Competition in Stogholm, Sweeden and Neapolitan Master Competition in Italy,he took second prize. Gloria Artis Competition in Viena, Austria, he took 1 st place. In 2021 at Beethoven Piano Competition, Klaipeda, Lithuania he won Grand Prix and 1 st places in Smederevo Piano Competition, Serbia, Smederevo, International Instrumental Performance Competition Toronto, Poland and La Note Celeste Paris, France. Simonas performed with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, VDU Chamber Orchestra, Belarus National Orchestra. Lvov Chamber Orchestra, Warszawa Chamber Orchestra. In 2015 Simonas was supported Roderick F.Tuck Fund and M.Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation.


  • Johann Sebastian Bach | Partita No. 2 · C minor · BWV 826
    • I. Sinfonia
    • II. Allemande
    • III. Courante
    • IV. Sarabande
    • V. Rondeau
    • VI. Capriccio
  • Stasys Vainiūnas | "The Lilies of the Valley are in Bloom" (Pakalnutės žydi) from the suite "Meadows of Homeland" (Gimtinės pievos) · Op. 31
  • Sergei Prokofiev | Piano Sonata No. 1 · F minor · Op. 1
    • Allegro. Meno mosso. Allegro

  • Claude Debussy | "Estampes"
    • I. "Pagodes"
    • II. "La soirée dans Grenade" (The evening in Grenada)
    • III. "Jardins sous la pluie" (Gardens under the rain)
  • Stasys Vainiūnas | "Eight Moods" · Op. 43
    • I. Liberamente
    • II. Narrante
    • III. Vivo
    • IV. Lusingado
    • V. Lugubre, Molto Rubato
    • VI. Lesto
    • VII. Amabile
    • VIII. Brioso
  • Frederic Chopin | Ballade No. 4 · F minor · Op. 52

  • Stasys Vainiūnas | Piano Concerto No. 2 · Op. 22
    • I. Maestozo
    • II. Andante
    • III. Vivo

  • Performance time: 2022 Apr 02 16:50 - 17:25 Kaunas State Philharmonic (E. Ožeškienės g. 12, Kaunas)


    Elžbieta Liepa Dvarionaitė 2022 Apr 02 16:00 - 16:50
    Cason Kang 2022 Apr 01 19:40 - 20:10
    Simonas Miknius 2022 Apr 02 16:50 - 17:25
    Simonas Poška 2022 Apr 01 18:50 - 19:25
    Jonas Šopa 2022 Apr 02 17:40 - 18:15
    Anastasija Šumskaitė 2022 Apr 01 18:00 - 18:50



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