Trio Alsic

Trio Alsic

| Lithuania - Switzerland

Emilija Rožukaitė (1991) | Lithuania
Ieva Marija Mallek (1989) | Lithuania
Sébastien Breguet (1984) | Switzerland

| Professors, several / not applicable

Alsic trio is a product of the pandemic, founded in 2021 by three established musicians and close friends. Its members are Ieva Marija Mallek (violin), Sébastien Breguet (cello) and Emilija Rozukaite (piano). Ieva and Emilija, who are both Lithuanian, first met at the music academy in Lithuania and later continued playing together in Germany, where they both studied; Emilija in Hamburg and Ieva in Lübeck. They finally went different ways when Emilija continued her studies, first in Sibelius academy (Finland) and later in Oberlin Conservatory (USA). After studies, Ieva landed in the Sønderborg orchestra in Denmark, where she befriended cellist-composer Sebastien Breguet. Sebastien, originally from the French part of Switzerland (Friebourg), got his degrees in cello from the High School of Music in Lausanne. He has appointments in Friebourg and Sønderborg (Denmark) orchestras. Ieva lives in Sønderborg, and Emilija splits her time between Los Angeles and Lithuania. All three have had their share of competition success, big-name masterclasses, and high profile performances over the years. While that history has brought them competence and confidence, they view that it is the overflowing shared passion and enthusiasm for music, which first and foremost defines their collaboration.


  • Ludwig van Beethoven | Piano Trio No. 1 · Op. 1 No. 1 · E flat major
    • I. Allegro
    • II. Adagio cantabile
    • III. Scherzo. Allegro assai
    • IV. Finale. Presto
  • Stasys Vainiūnas | Piano Trio
    • I. Andante molto. Allegro moderato
    • II. Andante
    • III. Allegro con brio

  • Johannes Brahms | Piano trio No. 1 · B major · Op. 8
    • I. Allegro con brio
    • II. Scherzo. Allegro molto
    • III. Adagio
    • IV. Finale. Allegro
  • Dmitri Shostakovich | Piano Trio No. 1 · C minor · Op. 8

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